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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  March 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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one local neighborhood with people nearby saying their fed up and running out of options. fox 29 is on the case to find out who is to blame and what can be done. live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. first at 6:14-year-old boy in bad shape someone shot him in the back last night left him for dead and as he clings to life, neighborhoods -- neighbors are trying to understand how this could all happen. good evening to you i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. that shot that hit that team was part of a wave of bullets. let's get right tout fox 29's dawn testimony knee in southwest philadelphia tonight. dawn? >> reporter: well, iain and lucy, police are still canvassing the neighborhood trying to talk to witnesses. right now, they do not know if this 14-year-old was targeted or if he was possibly hit when the bullets started flying about 5:00 o'clock away from where he was found.
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>> i heard the gunshots. i cock not look out the window. i just grabbed my grandchild and grab the child under the bed with me. >> reporter: it was just before 9:30 last night gunfire rang out on the 200 block of north simpson in west philadelphia. >> it was like rapid gunshots. very scary. very scary. i just could be sitting in my living room and i could have got shot. >> eight shots in all were fired. minute or so later, 19th district police received a report of a 14-year-old shot in the back at 60th near 59. >> not quite sure how he got there. we do have some interviews from friends of his who were quickly in the area so they found him lying there. >> reporter: no one there heard gunshots. police are trying to figure out if the 14-year-old was hit in the barrage of bullets fired on north simpson. >> for him to run that distance in the condition he was in we don't any that's possible. could he have been driven to that location and dumb out of a car it's possible. >> this 19 year old who does not want to be identified she was riding with some friends and saw the 14-year-old being dragged by a woman.
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>> it was pretty scary. like he was limited over. she was dragging him. trying to get him in the car. the teen says she wasn't even sure if the boy was alive. >> the way she was dragging him up on the curb it didn't look too good. >> reporter: investigators are checking surveillance in the area to see if anything was captured on cameras. police leaving flyers on the doorsteps of homes on north simpson informing residents there had been a shooting. are fed up. >> i try not to go out much at all, you know, because i don't want to be no victim. >> reporter: now the 14-year-old is hospitalized at chop in critical condition. police say he may be paralyzed from the waist down as a result of being shot. anyone with information is asked to please give police a call. lucy. >> surely hoping he fully recovers. all right, dawn. police are investigate a road rage incident that ended with gunfire. investigators say a 16-year-old was shot along box wood road near centreville road in wilmington. they say the teen was in a car with his aunt early this morni
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morning. when another vehicle cut him off stopped on the road. the teen got into an argument with the passenger in that other car. that's when police say that he ended up shot in the leg. they are now looking for the person who shot him. the teen is expected to be all right. the winds creating a few different problems out there today. in addition to that chill you felt when you stepped outside the high winds are helping fan the flames of this marsh fire in bass river, new jersey. skyfox was over the scene near the port remember lick exit ramp from the garden state parkway. there's no word yet on what started the fire. but no homes are currently in danger and crews say they're making good progress. let's check in now with chief meteorologist scott williams for a look at conditions. scott. >> that's right, iain and lucy. we certainly have been dealing with a little bit of wind today along with some dry weather conditions. satellite/radar right now showing that we don't have any precipitation right now in our area, but we do have some rainfall toward the latter part of the week. that frontal boundary still out to the west. we'll be timing that coming up in the broadcast.
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but the relative humidity values have been low across parts of south jersey. 45% in millville. and look at places like allentown along with the pocono mountains relative humidity values in the 20s. it was a start in philadelphia. the low this morning in center city 37 degrees. we had some 20s far north and west. the high made it up to 58 degrees which by the way is average for this time of year. but look at the wind direct out of the south still a little breezy. that will be warming us up as we move toward the latter part of the week. it's cooler down the shore with ocean temperature still in the 40s. 49 atlantic city. 48 degrees in wildwood. upper 50s philadelphia. allentown right now checking in at 58 degrees. so dry and quiet. if you're stepping outdoors this evening. grab a light jacket or sweater. temperatures will be comfortably cool by 11:00 o'clock right around 51 degrees. so coming up we'll talk about a brief warmup ahead. followed by more cold air and then the chances for rain going up for the latter part of the week. back to you. >> all right, thank you scott. new tonight health officials
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in delaware say two more people have died from the flu in the state. that brings the total number of deaths 2015-2016 season to three in the first state. the state division of public health says delaware has more than 1100 lab confirmed cases right now and that is mind you significantly less than last year when the state saw 28 flu related deaths. three contractors are hurt after an explosion bayonne, new jersey. pse&g says the workers were testing new gas main with air when the blast occurred this morning. two workers were seriously hurt. officials are still trying to figure out what started that explosion. ♪ we are now just three days away from the ncaa final four. vile nova wildcats will take on the oklahoma sooners saturday in houston. >> wildcat fever at all-time high as villanova tries to win its first national championship since 1985. howard a lot of excitement as wildcats left campus today.
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>> well maybe three is the charm. it's the third time villanova has a send off from campus. today the biggest trip. now this trip was different than the one in 1985. really back then nobody had expectations for that villanova team. this team many fans i think because of the season they had had expectations. they had a chance of this happening. send off three days before nova plays the team that they played during the season. those fans may remember oklahoma gave villanova their worst loss this season. it was early so really that game has no relevance. both villanova and oklahoma are better teams at this point. but nova nation, yes, they are excited. >> very lucky to make the sweet -- the final four. i mean it just everything has to fall in place. and i was so happy when they beat kansas. >> a great experience. i'm so happy to be here during this. it's just been campus has been super energized. it's been definitely like a once in lifetime experience. >> no class today.
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they had an excuse not to go. hear from the head coach and the flares that will be coming up in sports. all right, howard. we will talk to you then. president obama has picked a candidate to back in the pennsylvania race for the u.s. senate. he invites president joe biden endorsing katie money mcginty he calls her a quote true champion for working families. political pundants say unseating republican pat toomey is notify in crucial for democrats to retake control of the senate. happening now, the fight to clean up a huge pile of trash. take look at this dozens of garbage bags stacked on the sidewalk on marion avenue near 51 is the street in philadelphia's parkside neighborhood. neighbors as you can imagine want that garbage gone. but the man they blame for dumping it says hey, it's not my problem. fox 29's karen joins us live in parkside tonight. karen, what a mess. >> reporter: you can be the judge for yourself. absolutely what messi yann. take look at the pile of garbage over here. if i stand next it to it is way taller than me in fact about
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10 feet tall over here and you can see it's all nicely shoved up on the sidewalk right there by that property. but the guy there says, no, that's not my trash. can walk on this sidewalk hundreds of garbage bags stacked up, 10 feet high over here. then you're run of the mill dumping collection over here. mattresses, tables, toilets, people who live and work by this stretch of marion avenue are tired of having their community trashed. >> disgusting because the city has places they can take it. but they're too lazy to take. you know what i mean that's the problem. a lot of people are just too lazy to do their responsibility and take it where it needs to be taken. >> reporter: or too cheap. rather than pay to get it hauled away properly, folks dump it. >> when they see piles like this dumbed they dump also. >> reporter: most of the trash is behind one property. this huge event space on lancaster avenue by 51 is the street. while we were here police wrote acold code violation for commercial littering to the owner antoine gardner 150 buck.
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the third one they've written this week they say. but that's chump change compared to the legally having trash removed. mark harris the president of the cathedral park community development corp. is fed up. >> they have dumped a huge quantity of trash back on the -- on the north seat side of the property. which they should have properly disposed of by putting knit dumpsters and paying for it. >> reporter: we spoke by phone with the building owner. antoine gardner he says this is not his trash. other people put it here. marion avenue is notorious for short dumping. >> you get people who, um, pay their taxes and obey the law and some people somehow are able to go around it. >> reporter: here's what the city has to say about all of this. we reach out to various agencies and they say that streets department, licenses and inspections are working together to verify the identity of the violator. the agencies will then cite and write violations to that individual forcing thyme remove the debris or be responsible for the full cost of the cleanup.
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this is pretty busy stretch of road. a lot of people use it a as cut through. put this in perspective -- she wants the trash out of here. a lot of people really add today man about this trash. certainly taller than me that's the response. that's one woman we've been getting that opinion loud and clear. we'll stay on top of this one. iain and lucy, back to you. >> wow! >> karen, what an image. thank you. a woman frantically tries to stop moving car. police say a carjacker was behind the wheel and there's something in the back seat the woman does not want to leave her site. >> the car the pope used to get around during his trip to the us has become iconic and now very big plans for one of those cars. and keep it right here on fox 29 all night for the hottest lineup in prime time it starts 8:00 with new episode of rosewood then empire returns at 9:00 and stay up for a full wrap up of the days, news weather and sports on the fox 29 news at 10. ♪
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>> following breaking news out of camden county, new jersey right now. skyfox over peach ton lane in winslow township firefighters responded within the hour for fire inside a home there. we just got word that it is under control. we don't have any reports on any injuries and no word yet on what may have started that fire. a texas mother showed how far she'll go to protect her child. this surveillance video shows her banking the hood of a moving car. and then just flinging open the side drivers side door someone inside tries to drive off. police say the car was being carjacked and her eight-year-old daughter was in the back seat. the mom was dropping her other child off at daycare when this happen. car eventually did stop and the mom handed over the cash. the young girl jump out of the car and was not seriously hurt. earlier this year the archdiocese of philadelphia auctioned off one of the fiats pope francis used during his
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historic trip to philadelphia noun it is new york's turn. this is one of the two fiat that is he used in philadelphia. it brought in more than 80,000 bucks earlier this year. well now one of the fiats the pope used in new york city is up for auction on char will the so far bidding is at are you ready here, because it's big, it's at $250,000. the proceeds will go to catholic charities and schools. the local sheetrock and glacier union surprising up the vfw post in bellmawr, new jers jersey. union members applying a fresh coat of paint to post knife is he 63. last year local 2011 renovate the the april sigh of the post. it's their way of lending a hand to their neighbors in need. >> philadelphia mural arts new tour season begins on saturday. leaders are announced this year roots and other events for 2016. the mural arts program partnered with bike share. it has some new segue tour as
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well get ready to enjoy the world's largest outdoor art gallery light here in philadelphia. need help manage your money all right. you're in luck. zero yes of free financial much indication workshops held in april. fdic money smart workshops are open to students, parents and community members. they're going to take place at 18 public schoolings across the city. they're designed to educate the public about checking and saving accounts obtaining credit and consumer rights. >> dogs of all shapes and sizes are strutting their stuff in wildwood. the boardwalk kennel club all breed dog show is in full swing at the convention center. started today. runs through sunday. so you have plenty of time to see those pups in action. >> all right. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. the spring chill kind of continues. can we look forward to any relief soon, of course. >> chief meteorologist scott williams has got your forecast in just 15 seconds.
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it was start this morning across the area. temperatures 30s and 20s but get ready for some 70s for high temperatures over the next couple of days. but it's not going to last long because some colder air will be moving in with that seven day forecast. still a little windy right now as you step outdoors but the wind direction is more out of the south at 15 miles per hour temperatures are going to be climbing as we move toward tomorrow and not a chilly tonight. 58 degrees right now at the airport. that's the high temperature for today. still a little dry across the area relative humidity values are low. mid 40s in millville. 31% the relative humidity in philadelphia. 20s once you move north and we west. so dry, quiet as we look at the satellite/radar but look at the front off to the west. that will be our rain maker as we move toward your overnight
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thursday into friday it looks like two rounds of rain one friday morning, then another one around dinnertime before we see some gradual clearing and cooler air moving in behind that system. temperatures right now still chilly down the shore with those winds out of the south. the water temperature still in the 40s. 49 degrees currently in atlantic city. we have 56 in pottstown. 57 degrees in trenton. low 50s current until wilmington but look at future wind gusts tomorrow those winds are going to be gusty out of the south over 30 miles per hour pretty much across the area. so that will mean cooler conditions down the shore. but as you head farther inland those temperatures once again are going to be climbing into the low 70s for tomorrow. in fact, we'll watch out how thing play out hour by hour. watch the clock and look at those temperatures by 5:00 o'clock we're looking at 73 trenton. 73 in philadelphia. along with wilmington, low 70s in dover. but look at only 60 degrees down the shore because of the water temperatures in the 40s and that
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wind coming in out of the south. so high pressure that gave us all of the sunshine today. that's pushing out to sea. and then tomorrow in between systems but once again those winds out of the south will mean warm conditions. clouds start to thicken late thursday and then by friday morning that frontal boundary approaches. a damp commute for friday morning. then we get a little bit of a lull some peeks of sunshine still warm on friday and then that second half of the system moves in around dinnertime with a couple of more light showers. temperatures tonight, low to mid 40s. tomorrow, it's a comfortably cool start in philadelphia. but then those temperatures look at that, climbing to 73 degrees in the afternoon. the pollen levels are going to be high as well over the next several days. so just keep that in mine. that seven day forecast shows the roller coaster ride. 70s thursday, friday. 61 on saturday. but then look at the upper 40s, low 50s for much of next week. >> i don't even want to think about it. >> you know what, it's all downhill from here.
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>> hey, howard. >> i don't let that stuff bother me. you just got to move on. the phillies ended the games in florida did ryan howard have his last at bat as a phillie? and villanova is making their final road trip of the season. hear from jay wright and the players coming up in sports.
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♪ villanova now has games that their players will never forget. like everyone competes in sports you hope to win a championship. some are real chances. this is now more than a dream for the nova players. with two more wins it could become reality. for some of the players it's also the end of competitive games in their life. now the send off was another really big one today on campus. no class today thon campus. why would you go? all right. this part is the easy stuff for the team. when they set down in houston then the distractions of what this all is will really set in. it's media frenzy. they all believe they are more than ready. >> we don't remember -- we will remember this. this is incredible. when i walked outside i remembered it from last time. i think this bigger than '09 our send off in '09. >> this is definitely the
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biggest we've had in these send offs and we appreciate it and we need nova nation behind us. >> maybe the tuitions will go down if they're bigger. you help the students a little bit. all right. the phillies -- pushing for that. never happen. phillies finished up their games in florida today at spring training. but they still have three more exhibition games starting with one in reading tomorrow. today it was the astros. let's go to clearwater ryan howard maybe his final at bat in phillies uniform. basis loaded and nobody out in the eighth he grounds out. ryan howard hit .212 this spri spring. they do write the check and say thanks for the memories. blanco gave the people their a memory with grand slam. eight runs in the eighth upping forly fiss lease. they win it eight-four over houston now head north. what did the team accomplish this spring? >> it was very productive. we had the ball better than i expected. we played pretty solid defense and our base running was very good. i was happy with the base running. not very much mistakes fay.
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we'll see what happens. i mean spring training is not a gauge for numbers although they looked at ryan howard's numbers. i'm telling you to move on and i think it was great what he's done in philadelphia and the world championship, sometimes you got to turn the page. >> yeah absolutely. >> and let the young guys move in. we'll see and for villanova there's lost young guys that will have great experience. >> oh yeah. >> you know you want to win but obviously experience is amaze. >> absolutely. >> be sure to join us tonight after the mid season premier of empire. we sit down for a one-on-one with cookie herself taraji p. henson opens up about the fierce character she's made famous the one person who is the inspiration behind cookie and it's not a woman. >> okay. that does it for us here at 6: 6:00. >> we'll see you right back here at 10:00. have a good night. inside edition is up next. ♪
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the 15-year-old girl pepper sprayed at a trump rally. [ screaming ] and reporter verses trump. who grabbed who? >> she was grabbing me. then, is this william shatner's illegitimate son? >> i have breaking news for "inside edition." >> what the "star trek" legend is saying today about the claim. and help me mariah. >> mariah, i love you. and i desperately need your h elp. >> mariah carey's sister, her desperate plea. >> please don't abandon me like this. plus, the o.j. simpson trial. >> detective furman, have you ever falsified a police report? >> the real story of how detective mark furman's shocking tape changed the course of history. >> he was a gift. and then, what's going on


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